Homelessness has been an increasing problem under the DeBlasio administration throughout NYC. You cannot take a train or walk through many neighborhoods especially in Manhattan without running into homeless individuals.

Instead of taking the necessary steps to prevent homelessness and help the homeless who are in the streets, the DeBlasio administration has sat idle until the situation passed the critical point.

As an emergency measure to combat the inaction, the administration has attempted to transfer the burden to our communities in Maspeth in Glendale by forcing large homeless facilities onto our neighborhoods.

Homeless hotels are not the solution to the crisis. Not only is it more expensive than if the city provided homeless individuals with affordable housing, but a hotel room does not have the service many homeless need: Hotel rooms don’t even have kitchens.

Homeless individuals need to be given services such as job services, drug rehab when needed, and access to GED programs so they can regain a productive place in society with dignity. Herding them into hotels and large neighborhood disrupting facilities with no forward outlook is inhumane and forcing the burden to bear onto our communities is wrong.