Preserve Our Neighborhoods

Our neighborhood is built on residential one and two family homes. However, between rising property taxes and an encroachment of outside development we are at risk to fall down the path many other quiet New York City neighborhoods have: a path of overdevelopment.

We must preserve the character of our neighborhood by fighting against large developments as well as three and four family conversions of homes.

In Albany I will support caps on property tax in order to help keep residents in their homes, to help prevent long time residents from being taxed out of their neighborhoods.

I will support downzoning in areas of Middle Village and Maspeth to prevent developers from converting private and two family homes to many family dwellings.

These laws however have no bite if enforcement is not allowed. Owners of houses with clear evidence of illegal conversions and homes with clear evidence of illegal Airbnb rentals must be held accountable especially when these breaches of building code are damaging the characters of the neighborhoods we hold dear.