School Choice

Millions of residents throughout the state send their children to private schools, both secular and parochial. These families often make many sacrifices to send their children to these schools. Yet despite the hardships, they still do it because they know the choice would be best for their children. Yet the state currently punishes them.

All residents need to pay taxes which cover the tuition costs for public schools yet even families whose children don’t attend public school’s still need to pay. In effect these families are paying tuition twice. It is wrong to force these families, in effect penalizing them, for making the educational choice they think is right for their families.

In Albany, I will fight for a tax rebate to be given to all families who send their children to private schools proportional to the number of children that are attending. This will take a burden off of many families who are sacrificing to pay their children’s tuition while helping to mitigate the unfair policy of forcing these families to pay tuition twice, for a public school they are not even attending.