School Safety

In New York we have very strict gun laws and a strong tract record for gun safety. However, when one weapon is taken away bad actors always find another way to inflict harm.

Although less frequent within our community, many neighborhoods have frequent attacks and stabbings in schools. These even take place in schools with metal detectors.

We must take the necessary steps to ensure that our children are protected from harm and can feel safe without compromising the school environment. This can be accomplished with simple solutions such as having NYPD officers assigned full time at public schools. Our students should not have to feel like they are entering a prison or have to go through an equivalent of airport security every morning. However, they should still be safe in their schools.

As Assemblyman, I will work to make sure the necessary steps are taken to protect our children in schools while preserving a friendly and welcoming environment  so our students can thrive while still remaining safe.